Why Homeowners Should Avoid Using Rat Poison

We do not want rats and mice in our homes. These nasty creatures have a bad reputation – and for a good reason. They can cause significant damage to a property, family heirlooms, etc. and spread diseases by either directly contaminating food and water sources or through their urine and droppings.

Homeowners want to and should get rid of these critters. After all, they can multiply quickly and a rat infestation can get severe in no time.

But, should you use rat poison to get rid of rats as a DIY rodent control method?

The answer is ‘no.’

Here in this post, we will discuss why exactly homeowners shouldn’t use rat poison for rodent control.

Rat Poison Puts Young Children and Pets at Risk

Lose pellets can easily wind up in the hands of young children. The children, as well as pets, are attracted to the color, small size, and smell. Both toddlers and pets can snack on rat poison as it resembles food.

Even if you keep the product out of the reach of children and place baits with rat poison in areas that remain inaccessible to pets, your cat may accidentally eat a rat that has just ingested the poison. When your pet is sick, you may not even know if it was caused by rat poison!

If you believe your child or pet has come in contact with or ingested rodenticide, get in touch with a doctor or vet as soon as possible.

All rodenticides, whether they use anticoagulants (stops blood clotting), bromethalin (attacks the nervous system), or zinc phosphide (produces lethal gas inside the stomach), are harmful to children, pets, and birds.

So, using rat poison to get rid of pets isn’t worth the risk!

Rat Poison is Harmful to the Environment and Wildlife

Unintended negative effects of rat poison extend to the environment and wildlife.

You might think that you can get rid of rats by placing poison baits at potential entryways and in hidden places around your house but the story doesn’t end there.

If and when a hungry predator eats a rat that has consumed poison, the predator, too, is affected. Bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and hawks are the most common (unintended) victims.

Poison buildups inside the bodies of larger animals, eventually leading to death or changes in their immune system and genetics.

A recent study by researchers at the UCLA indicated that the use of rat poison increasingly posed a risk Pacific Fishers, a forest-dwelling endangered species.

Two other studies have linked household rat poison to changes in bobcats’ immune system.

Most rat poisons are anticoagulants that work by preventing blood clotting. Therefore, indirect ingestion of rat poison by wild animals leads to internal hemorrhaging, a condition that can persist for several weeks or even months, thus causing greater problems. Affected animals are often drowsy and in poor health; they end up dead on the road or in the forest.

Rat Poison Does NOT Fix the Problem

Using rat poison doesn’t actually fix the problem. It’s a temporary solution at best.

Even if rat poison does help you get rid of rats, it does not remove droppings and nests; it doesn’t fix the gaping holes in the walls, attic, basement, foundation, etc. that let the critters into your home. As long as you mistake rat poison baits as a replacement for rodent proofing, rats and mice will continue to invade your house from time to time.

Also, poisoned rats can die anywhere in the home, and thus become breeding grounds for new bacteria. If a rat dies deep inside the vents or in areas of the building where it is humanly difficult to reach, you may have to live with the foul smell for a long time!

Final Words

Rat poison is generally advertised as an effective solution for controlling a rat infestation. But, relying upon this route for rat control leads to numerous unintended and dangerous outcomes. It’s advisable to consider calling a rodent control company instead.

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