Why You Shouldn’t Use DIY Methods For Catching Mice and Rats

We live in a time where we can find solutions on the internet for just about anything. If you notice you might have mice or rats in your home, you will probably find countless DIY methods for controlling the rodent problem on your own. Although, it has been proven that these DIY methods are often unsuccessful and in the long run, end up turning into a bigger mess to clean up. If you want to eliminate rodents from your home quickly and efficiently, it’s best to leave rodent control to the professionals. The certified professional rodent technicians at Rodents Stop can eliminate the root of the problem that is bringing the rodents to your home and prevent them from coming back. Rodents Stop is Los Angeles’s best rodent control company, helping one home at a time live in a clean rodent-free environment.

DIY Mouse and Rat Traps Don’t Work, Here’s Why

No matter what rodent trap you buy from the store, chances are that the rodents can outsmart the trap and continue living on your property. Those pesky rodents aren’t caught easily unless you understand their behavior. Some of the most commonly made mistakes with DIY rodent control are the following:

  • Placing the incorrect type of bait on a mousetrap. There are many breeds of mice that are drawn to different foods. 
  • The bait that is put on the rodent trap will often attract more rodents into your home instead of eliminating existing rodents. 
  • Handling the traps and bait with bare hands. If a mouse smells your scent on a trap, they will avoid it.
  • Positioning traps in the wrong areas. 
  • Even if you use the correct trap, place the right bait, and have the traps in the correct area, you might catch one mouse. But this takes a lot of patience and work, even if you catch a rodent with the trap, rodents are never alone, there will be more where that rodent came from.

Getting A Cat to Solve Your Rodent Problem Does Not Work

Have you ever considered getting a cat to help you catch those rodents? You should know that not all cats will hunt down rodents. Most domesticated cats will go beyond their primal instincts and simply play with rodents.  If you do have a cat that hunts rodents, keep in mind that rodents live in areas in your home such as inside walls, under appliances and will hide in locations your cat won’t be able to access. 

What Happens If You Don’t Do Anything About Rodents In Your Home

When you don’t do anything to control mice or rats in your home, they will not go away on their own. Rodents will build nests, breed and multiply. Don’t let an army of rodents invade your home! The repercussions of rodent invasion in your home can be severe. Rodents spread hazardous bacteria and diseases that are contagious to humans and pets. They will cause damages to your home and anything they can get their paws on. They contaminate your home, everything they come into contact with, and contaminate the food they can access in your kitchen. They bring parasites into your house with them also, such as fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. The best solution for dealing with a rodent infestation is to contact Rodents Stop, a licensed pest management service in Los Angeles specialized in Rodent Control.

Professional Rodent Control Service in Los Angeles

Call Rodents Stop today if you suspect a mouse or rat problem in your home. All services include a lifetime guarantee to ensure that you will no longer have to worry about a rodent infestation in your home. Our rodent control professionals are trained and certified to provide the best solutions for eliminating rodents from your home safely and effectively.

Mice and rats might appear harmless but they are a real danger to your home and can cause many problems. If you think there might be a rodent problem on your property, don’t depend on DIY solutions because they are not effective. Call Rodents Stop to schedule a home inspection for the best solutions for controlling rodents and eliminating them from your home.