Top 10 List of Rattiest Cities – Highest Rat Infested | Los Angeles is Next.

Don’t let your rat infestation make the news, call Rodents Stop and control the rat problem now.

Los Angeles is the new “City of Rats” Recent reports show an alarming increase in rodent infestations. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a public health emergency because of the sudden increase in the rat population in Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles is facing consequences of significant economic recoil, risking a public health crisis!

There was a recent study conducted, 25 rodent control companies provided statistics of services done in California. Results of the study revealed that calls for Rat Control Services in Los Angeles have increased up to 60% within the past year. All rodent companies involved in the study confirmed that this was not the case in previous years. Sanitation workers also confirm noticing more rats, specifically Norway rats in Los Angeles.

  • Rodent infestations in Los Angles are directly correlated with the rise of dangerous diseases spread by rats and rodents. Hazardous diseases like typhus which was the cause of a Health Hazard in Los Angeles City Hall are becoming a serious problem. 
  • All Los Angeles residents are held responsible for helping the city control the rat problem before it becomes a public health emergency.
  • Take action, call Rodents Stop if you notice signs of rats in your Los Angeles home.

If you haven’t heard the news lately, Baltimore MD is one of the highlights. The reason? A little embarrassing, with a political twist. President Trump tweeted calling Baltimore “rat-infested” and everyone is mad at him for it but maybe he’s not entirely wrong in a literal sense, Baltimore has a serious rat epidemic. In 2018 a documentary was made called “Rat Film”, all about the rats of Baltimore. This documentary has nothing affiliated with politics or race although that’s why it’s on the news, at least Baltimore is getting widespread attention for this ongoing rat epidemic. The most commonly seen rat in Baltimore is the Norway rat which is sometimes called brown rat, these rats are known to cause:

  • Diseases
  • Property Damage
  • Food Contamination
  • Spontaneous Fires from Chewed Electrical Wiring
  • Health Hazards
  • Lowers the overall Image of the community

Do you think you might have a rat problem?

Avoiding a rat problem begins with good sanitation habits. If rats get access to what they need they will stick around and multiply. Rats are everywhere, they like to infest places that provide the three essential elements for survival:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

Rats are usually most active at night when everyone is sleeping, this is why it can be a difficult problem to spot right away. When there are a lot of rats, you will even notice activity during the day as well. Keep an eye out for some of these signs to determine if you have a rat problem in your home:

  • Burrows, or holes that have been dug into the ground around near plants, bushes or even sidewalks.
  • Holes chewed into the foundation of your home.
  • Contaminated Food
  • Chewing marks near doors, windows, power outlets, and doorways.
  • Spontaneous Fires from Chewed Electrical Wiring
  • Evidence of chewing near plumbing pipes.
  • Rat Droppings
  • Dark-colored greasy track marks on the floors from rats running back and forth to gather supplies for their nest
  • Worn down paths on your grass in the yard

If any of these signs sound familiar, please call Rodents Stop immediately for a professional evaluation. We will help you set up an appointment to inspect your home and provide the best solution for rats.

Even if you have an emergency rodent problem our technicians understand the urgency and severity of wanting these rodents out of your home, Rodents Stop offers emergency services as well, depending on how bad your rodent problem is, we can come to you right away if necessary to help you control the rodent problem in your Los Angeles home.