Rodents – Three Things They Love About Your House

Mickey Mouse sure can be cute and cuddly when visiting with him at Disney World. But in the real world, mice aren’t all that fun to be around. In addition to the considerable amount of diseases that they carry, they can be quite destructive. Every year, hundreds of car owners make their way to service shops due to engine wire damage caused by rodents. Sadly, car engines can make for perfect nesting space. Rodents often like the insulating fabric in the car engine and use it as bedding for nests. The engine also comes with several nooks and crannies that function as safe sanctuaries for baby rodents.

So aside from finding a safe haven in the engine compartment of your car, what is it that rodents love about your home? And why do they keep coming back?

Your Home Provides Warmth, Food, and Water for Rodents

If you see a trail of droppings, especially in your garage, basement, or kitchen, it is probably a sign that you have mice or rats in your home. So, before developing a strategy to rid yourself of these unwanted rodents, be sure to understand what it is that is attracting them to your home in the first place – trust us, it isn’t because you provide a clean and sanitary environment, or because you serve sandwiches for dinner every Thursday night (well, the latter could be partially true).

  1. Rodent, like humans, need food to thrive and survive. And, you have plenty of it in your home. Those sandwich crumbs, morsels of cheese, etc., all make for perfect delicacies for those pesky rodents. Whether you wipe those crumbs from the table to the floor and don’t promptly sweep them up, or you leave food out on the counters, or you put non-perishable items into the back of your dark cupboards without adequately sealing the packages, mice and rats will be able to sniff out the location of these items quickly. To lessen your risks of inviting mice into your homes and making your kitchen their feeding ground, ensure that you are properly cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, especially those where food is prepared, served, and consumed. And, regularly sweep or vacuum your floors, making sure to get into all of the various nooks and crannies.
  2. Rodents also like warmth, and thus why the engine compartment of your vehicle is so lucrative. If you live in a northern climate, you will be more likely to experience visits from rats and mice when the temperatures start to drop. Rodents don’t care for the colder climates and are often looking for a warm place to hole up and hibernate until the warm weather returns. Because of this, they are also seeking a place where they will feel safe and less likely to be eaten by predators. As most homes are climate-controlled, it makes housing a perfect solution. Rats and mice are very agile and can get their bodies through even the tiniest of holes and cracks. And it is likely that you will never notice them coming and going, and will simply see evidence that they were there. This is why it is highly recommended to have a professional rodent control company conduct periodic inspections of your home so that you can properly seal areas that might serve as entry and exit points for these critters.
  3. Also like humans, rodents need water to survive. And for rodents, they’ll drink water from any source. This can mean accessing water dishes that you have set out for your pets, drips in leaky tubs and faucets, and moisture that can collect in your basement. Rodents will seek out water leaks in basements and under crawl spaces, and anywhere that they can find a predictable and reliable source of water. They will also drink water that drips from outdoor spigots that often drip, especially when powering sprinklers and hoses. Some rodents can climb, so know too that if your eaves or gutters are clogged with leaves which can result in standing water, that will attract rodents, too. These water sources can attract far more than rats and mice too. Raccoons and possums can often be found catching a sip of water or two, especially in easily accessible outdoor spaces (these larger rodents are less likely to make their way into your home, but can cause plenty of damage outside).

If you have found evidence of rodents in your home, do not delay in reaching out for help. Rats, mice, and other rodents can cause serious structural damage to homes, apartments, offices, and pretty much any type of building. These rodents gnaw, nest, and defecate in the areas that they infiltrate, and this poses significant health risks for people that frequent those same areas., is an independent and family-owned business, serving the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area. Our specialties include rodent control, pest prevention, rodent expulsion and clean up, attic sanitation, and attic decontamination. Our team is ready to serve in order to help you solve your rodent issue, for good. Contact us at 818-583-7287, or by visiting our website at