Rodent Season Is Here! Protect Your Home From Rodent Invasion

Rodents Invade Approximately 21 Million Homes Annually” – According to the National Pest Management Association NPMA.

The National Pest Management Association NPMA has officially declared November 15 – 21 as National Rodent Awareness Week to help the public become more aware of the serious threats that rodents bring to your property and your family’s health and well being.

The best thing a homeowner can do to prevent rodent infestations is to take extra measures to prevent them from getting inside your home before they get a chance to begin their winter search for warm shelter and food.

The best thing to do to avoid a rodent home invasion this season is to contact Rodents Stop for Rodent Proofing Services with a lifetime guarantee. Rodents Stop is a full-service Rodent Control Company Servicing the greater Los Angeles Area with promising results and a full guarantee on all services such as:

  • Rat Control
  • Mice Control
  • Rodent Proofing Services
  • Attic Cleaning and Decontamination Services
  • Pre-purchase Rodent Inspection
  • LADWP New Insulation Rebate Program (Ask us for more details on this)

When chilly weather season approaches, rodents look for a cozy place in homes to find refuge from cold temperatures outdoors. Rodents are the most common animals to invade homes during cold weather seasons, bringing with them a long list of health hazards and potential danger to your home.

Mice and Rats might be cute to some people but they certainly do not belong in your home as unwanted guests, here are a few reasons why you need to protect your home from rodents all throughout the year, especially during rodent season:

  • Rodents carry a variety of bacteria and illness-causing viruses. Don’t let this be a health hazard for you or your loved ones!
  • Rodent droppings left unsanitized can accumulate and cause and worsen allergy symptoms and make asthma unbearable. If your allergy and asthma symptoms have gotten worse without a clear explanation, please contact Rodents Stop for a thorough home inspection and rodent proofing services immediately. Just because you might not see Rodents, does not mean they are not already crawling around your home.
  • Mice and Rats are notoriously known for chewing on ANYTHING they can get their creepy little paws on, worst off all, rodents favorite chew toy is electrical wiring, drywall, insulation, and wood. Rodents that chew on electrical wiring have been the cause of spontaneous electrical fires for as far back as we’ve had electricity. If you ask me, this is a terrifying fact to process. Get your home thoroughly inspected and protected by Rodents Stop to avoid an electrical fire caused by rodents.
  • Rodents are sneaky creatures by instinct. They can crawl into your home from the smallest openings even as small as a quarter or dime! They will chew through walls and anywhere they could use to access your warm welcoming home. Be sure to ask Rodents Stop about Rodent Proofing services where they can seal and rodent proof ALL potential entry points for these pesky creatures.

If you suspect rodents roaming your property, here are a few tips on what signs to look out for:

  • Rodent droppings – can be found anywhere throughout your home, possibly near pet food, in kitchen cabinets and drawers, or most likely in your attic or basement (their favorite place) where you wouldn’t check too often.
  • Chewed food containers or boxes – Rodents love to chew through cardboard or plastic bags to gain access to foods in your pantry, they are particularly a fan of dried goods such as grains, pasta, and cereals.
  • Moldy and Pungent Smells – It is also very common to smell an unusual pungent odor whenever rodent activity is present. If you have smelled this once, you will be able to recognize this smell.

If any of these signs sound familiar, please contact or call (818) 583-7287 as soon as you can to schedule a professional home rodent inspection. We will help you set up an appointment to inspect your home and provide the best solution for getting rid of mice and rats throughout all seasons, especially before rodent prime season is here.