Need some help with rodent control and cleanup in Los Angeles?

Most people who have had a serious rodent infestation problem find it difficult to describe the incredible amount of damage rodents can cause. In addition to basic hygiene problems, rodents can also be almost unbelievably destructive. In some cases, they can also be physically dangerous to people on site.

Best practice property management, of course, in metropolitan Los Angeles is rodent proofing. Just about everybody knows that rodent infestations are inevitable, and that it makes good sense to spend a few bucks to safeguard your property.

The other big issue, and it is a huge issue, is cleaning up after a rodent infestation. It’s not really much of an exaggeration to say that rodent infestations turn a home or commercial premises into a virtual toxic wasteland. The rodents may be gone, but the risks of disease remain. So, unfortunately for residents, does the smell, which can linger for a considerable amount of time.

Let’s not minimize the issues –

  • The disease risk may persist until contaminated areas are thoroughly cleaned. Bacterial and viral agents may remain potentially active for years.
  • Rats and mice can carry serious diseases.
  • Some pathogens may respond to humid weather or moisture.
  • Rats and mice also carry allergens which may affect residents and visitors on site.

The only effective way to manage these situations is to conduct a thorough decontamination of the premises. This decontamination will be worth it, not only for the health benefits but for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this potentially very dangerous situation has been brought under control.

We found a good example of a local Los Angeles home decontamination service for you. This is a company called Rodents Stop, which services the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area. They do extermination, prevention and cleanup. If you need an attic cleanup in Thousand Oaks, or a full commercial premises decontamination job in Glendale, they can deliver any services you need.

For more information and a full overview of their complete range of services, please see their website here at You can contact them online or by phone for fast service whenever you need it.

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