Dangers of Having Mice or Rats in Your House

Important Information You Need To Know To Protect Your Home and Family From The Dangers of Rodents!

As the residential population increases, the number of homes increases also. This is good news for mice and rats since they usually seek a safe shelter space in your new home! Rodents Stop will help you regain ownership of your home and eliminate rodents for good. The following is a list of the most common places rodents like to build nests in:

  • Residential Homes
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Automobiles
  • Boats
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Commercial buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Storage facilities.
  • Barns
  • Cabins

Rodent Facts: Rodents instinctively increase their population, the more access they have to food, water, and shelter, they will multiply and increase in population even faster. For example, a single pair of mice can multiply as fast as 15,000 offspring during a single year. Rats in the US only, are equivalent to half of the human population!

Rodents Are a Real Health Risk That Shouldn’t be Ignored

Mice and Rats can transport more than 35 hazardous diseases including some that could be fatal. These diseases vary, here are some examples:

  • Allergies
  • Fever
  • Lyme disease
  • Food Poisoning such as Salmonella
  • Intestinal Parasite
  • Hantavirus – which is a fatal infection of the lungs.

We are all vulnerable to these risks in various ways. The following will explain how these diseases are contracted from rodents:

  • Ingesting contaminated food or water without knowing it has been contaminated from rodent exposure or particles left behind from contaminated rodents such as hair, droppings, dander or urine. Rodents leave droppings everywhere at an alarming rate of over tens of thousands per year. A single pair of rats will shed over 1 million hairs a year, just imagine how much this can contaminate!
  • Physical contact with rodents or exposure to droppings is a red flag for contamination. Particularly when improperly trying to handle the task of disposing of a dead rodent or even the mess they leave behind when cleaning out traps at home. Rodents Stop is here to do the dirty work for you. Call us to schedule decontamination or removal services, don’t put yourself or your loved one’s health at risk.
  • Rodent Bites – Statistically there is up to 300,000 recorded rodent bites a year, with more than 85% of incidents occurring when sleeping and usually happen to children.
  • Tick Bites from Infected Ticks that have previously bit rodents – Diseases from rodents spread indirectly to us also through ticks, mites, and fleas that are transmitting the infection to humans after biting the infected rodent. This risk is much higher if you have pets at home or live in a more agricultural area.
  • Even simply breathing in the germs and bacteria in the air where there is a rodent infestation can be dangerous. Wherever there are rodent droppings or urine the bacteria can become airborne. Even a very small amount of airborne germ particles can activate allergies, especially with children.

Rodents are highly destructive – can even be deadly!

According to recent statistics, approximately 5 million people on this planet die of starvation every year and meanwhile it has been recorded that mice and rats contaminate and destroy enough food every year that could feed well over 20 million people. It is a difficult fact to process, that is why it is crucial to put an end to a rodent problem as soon as you suspect it, otherwise, they multiply and it gets worse. Rodents Stop are experts at eliminating rodent infestations fast and efficiently.

Rats and mice are the cause of more than millions of dollars of property damage, it all starts when they look for food and shelter around or in your home, then the longer they stay, they continue damaging important structures of your home that you might not even be aware of.

  • Rodents will destroy structural parts of the building foundations, insulation, molding, doors, plumbing, and even sewage lines.
  • They love to chew through walls, garbage bins, cars, RV’s. Even valuables that you might have in storage such as art, and collectibles. Almost every area and object in and around your home is at risk of being destroyed or contaminated by pesky rodents.
  • Even just the Insulation damage alone may be a loss of a few thousand dollars.
  • Rodents also love electrical wires, they can’t resist chewing on wiring, sometimes stripping the wire down to eat the casing. This can be very dangerous and is considered a potential fire hazard to have open wires that have been chewed on.

In fact, within the past decade, there has been an average of 1.5 million house fires. Within that decade over 196,000 people have gotten injured and nearly 37,000 people have died because of these fires. The disturbing statistic is that Rodents are suspected to be the cause of starting 9% of those fires because of the electrical wiring they chewed through.

Allowing rodents to invade and stay in your home is literally putting the health and safety of you and your family at a potential risk that can be avoided by calling a rodent control company. Rodents Stop services all major cities in Los Angeles and are always ready to come to ensure a rodent free home for you and your family.

Hantavirus is the Biggest Threat from Rodents

Hantavirus is a life-threatening viral infection that is spread to humans from contaminated rodents.

What Causes Hantavirus?

Hantavirus is contracted by rodents, especially the breed of mice called “deer mice”. The virus carried and spread in their urine and feces. The virus is transmitted to humans by inhaling infected rodent urine, droppings or saliva. The presence of infected rodents in and around the home environment is the primary risk factor for the infection of Hantavirus.

It is believed that people can get sick with this virus when they breathe in contaminated air or dust from mice nests and droppings. You might come in contact with this type of contaminated dust when cleaning attics, garages, sheds, or other closed areas that have been empty for a substantial amount of time

The Real Danger of Mice and Rats in Your Home

Even if you are fond of visiting Mickey and Minnie in Anaheim, chances are that you’re not too pleased with the idea of real mice or rats invading your home.

Mice, rats and the parasites that accompany them have a large  number of diseases, some of which can potentially be deadly to humans, like:

  • Hantavirus
  • Listeria
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • Bubonic Plague, also known as Black Death (That little disease killed 30-60% of Europe’s residents in the 14th Century)

Mice and rats can trigger dangerous allergies in some people. A national study declared that mouse urine could be the cause of trigger allergies in 34% of homes. Smaller amounts were found in 83% of homes. Mouse droppings are also a cause of allergy issues. Exposure to mouse related allergens is a known cause of asthma for children and adults.

As the weather gets colder, your home becomes even more attractive to rodents. Colder temperatures make them look for warm places, and your house usually has all the warmth and food they need. Approximately 22 million homes are infested by rodents every winter.

Most people think that if they’ve never seen a rodent in their home, they’re not there. That’s too optimistic since rodents can be very sneaky and maintain living in your home for a long time without you knowing. A mouse can make its way into your house through an opening as small as a quarter!

Rodents Stop Control offers effective solutions for rodent control and removal.

Our experts are trained to locate all areas with signs of rodent activity in your home. Rodents Stop will also seal any openings where rodents can potentially get into your home. Contact Rodents Stop today and we will inspect your home to ensure that you and your beloved family are protected in your home.