Why There Is A Rat Epidemic In Los Angeles

Earlier this month, Orkin released their annual rankings of the “rattiest” cities in the country with Los Angeles coming in at number 2 for the second year in a row. A simple Google search of “rat epidemic in Los Angeles” will pull up numerous articles about businesses and facilities shutting down temporarily to deal with a rat infestation. If you’re like many others, you’re probably wondering what is causing this rat epidemic. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Are There So Many Rats in Los Angeles?

In the last couple of years, we have seen a major increase in rat infestations, creating concern for residents and business owners alike. The main reason for the increase in rodent activity is the pandemic. Before the pandemic, rodents had near-constant access to food thanks to restaurant and commercial property garbage bins.

As COVID-19 began to spread in early 2020, closures took place throughout the country. These community-wide closures in Los Angeles significantly reduced food resources available to rodents, which drove them to infest residential properties. Since then, pest control companies have received countless calls to handle rodent infestations in homes throughout Los Angeles.

Once rodents are settled into a home, they can reproduce at alarming rates, which is why we are still seeing such severe infestations even after things have begun opening back up. The rat problem has become so severe that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues a Rodent Control guide. This guide dives into how to eliminate conditions that attract rodents, how to monitor rodent populations, and how to clean up after a rodent infestation.

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Home or Business

Rats are incredibly dangerous pests due to their tendency to spread illnesses and diseases, bring additional pests onto your property, cause extensive damage, and create a very unhealthy living environment. The last thing you want is for rats to make their way inside of your home, so we recommend learning what attracts them. That way you can make any necessary adjustments to your property to discourage rodent activity.

Below are things that attract rats to your home:

  • Easy entry points (i.e., cracks in your foundation, holes in your door screens, and gaps in between doors and floors)
  • Water sources (i.e., plumbing leaks and dog water bowls)
  • Food sources (i.e., unsealed trashcans, improperly stored food, etc.)
  • A warm place to nest (i.e., attics, basements, and crawlspaces)

Below are our top tips for keeping rats out of your home:

  • Use caulk to seal any gaps or cracks in your foundation
  • Have plumbing leaks repaired right away
  • Avoid leaving pet food out overnight
  • Take your trash out regularly
  • Store all food in airtight containers
  • Repair any existing roof holes or cracks
  • Make sure your trashcans are sealed

Got Rats? Call Rodents Stop Right Away!

As you know, rats are incredibly harmful creatures, which makes professional rodent control very important. As an untrained professional, you can seriously put yourself at risk while attempting to take care of a rodent problem, so it’s best to leave the rodent control to the experts. That’s where Rodents Stop comes in.

Backed by decades of service excellence, there is no rat problem too big or too small for our highly trained technicians to take on. Using top-quality products and equipment, we can rid your home of rats and keep them from coming back in the future.

With Rodents Stop on your side, you can expect:

  • Pet-friendly solutions
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