Why Pre-Purchase Rodent Inspection is a Must for All Buyers


A pre-purchase rodent inspection will give you complete peace of mind, reduce risks, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Just as you would consider a standard building inspection report before you make up your mind on whether you should invest in a property, you should also know beforehand if a property under consideration has (or will have) a rodent infestation.  

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why a rodent inspection is a MUST before you buy a new property!

You Don’t Have to Regret Later

Imagine spending your hard-earned money on purchasing a new property in LA and then realizing that it’s infested with rats or mice.

Rodent infestations can put your family in harm’s way, result in several thousands of dollars in damage in walls, attic, ventilation, ceiling, etc. and reduce the overall value or rental income potential of a property.

Needless to mention, you’ll also need to spend money to get rid of the rodents.

A pre-purchase rodent inspection gives you the confidence that you are investing in a rodent-free property in Los Angeles.

A Property Inspection Is Not a Substitute for a Rodent Inspection

Many property inspection companies bundle up rodent inspection with their home inspection plans for an additional $100-$150.

But, checking for potential signs of rats and mice, identifying potential entryway, and inspecting hidden spaces of a building requires specific skills that only a trained rodent control technician can be expected to have.

The only way you can be fully sure if you’re making the right decision is to have a licensed rodent control expert examine the building.

Do Not Rely on Real Estate Recommendations

Even if a real estate agent claims that the property under consideration is pest-free, you shouldn’t take his or her word for it.

Real estate agents often have long-standing arrangements with pest control companies. Some real estate agents may prefer pest control inspectors who do not show you the complete picture.

You should either run a thorough background check on such pest control companies or schedule a pre-purchase rodent inspection with a rodent control company on your own.

You can expect a pre-purchase rodent inspection report to answer the following questions:

  • What are the major structural defects in the building that can allow rodents to get inside?
  • Where are the potential rodent entryways located?
  • Are any fixes required in the building exterior or interior to prevent rodent entry?
  • Is there an existing rat or mice infestation?
  • How much will it cost to rodent-proof the building, if necessary?
  • Are there any conditions favoring rodents?

A professional rodent inspection company will provide you with a detailed, easy to understand report that you can rely upon for making an informed purchase decision.

Negotiate a Better Price

A rodent inspection report will help you assess the actual value of the property you want to buy. You will know if you are getting a good deal on the property under consideration or not.

If there is a rodent problem and you know about it, you will have an upper hand in negotiations. You can ask the seller to reduce the selling price of the property to cover what you will spend on rodent control.

During negotiations, you should also consider the money you may have to spend to rodent-proof the building.

You can also request the seller to rid the property of rodents and carry out rodent-proofing to prevent an infestation in the future before you close the deal.  

Pre-Purchase Rodent Inspection Process: How long does it take?

Typically, pre-purchase rodent inspection takes around two hours to complete.

The actual time needed for inspection of each room and examination of surrounding areas, hidden spaces, and high-risk areas such as the attic, basement, sub-floor, roof void, vents, foundations, etc. will vary depending upon the size of the property, the number of buildings, and the property type.

A seller should have no qualms about a potential buyer asking for a rodent inspection. If a seller insists that you should rely on a real estate agent’s rodent inspection report, consider it a red flag!

How to Schedule a Pre-Purchase Rodent Inspection in Los Angeles?

Call Rodents Stop at (818) 583-7287 today to get a free estimate for pre-purchase rodent inspection.  

Our rodent control specialists will determine if there are any issues, no matter how small, that need to be remedied.

If we find any evidence of an earlier rodent infestation or have reasons to believe a building may have rodent problems in the near future, we will provide you with the details in our inspection report.