What You Need To Know Before Calling A Rodent Control Company

Rats, mice, or any rodents, in general, aren’t welcome in most homes unless they are pets, and this is for valid reasons. If you suspect rodents in your Los Angeles home, trust Rodents Stop Rodent Control Services and our highly skilled team of rodent removal technicians to efficiently eliminate rodents from your home. 

Rodents Stop provides a proven method for effective rodent control services to ensure that your home will be free of rodents and the health hazards they bring along with them. Nobody likes the idea of mice or rats invading their home, causing damage to your home. Unlike other areas of California, rats and mice are a year-round problem in Los Angeles.

When it comes to rodent control, Rodents Stop provides the lifetime solution you need for your home! Our highly aggressive rodent treatment process is proven to eliminate Rodents out of your home and protect you and your family from future disturbances by mice and rats. Our qualified rodent control technicians have over 30 years of experience in rodent removal. We understand how rodents maneuver and the reasons behind their behavior, this is why our unique method for rodent control is proven to work and our services come with a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis 
  • Hantavirus

When rodents find their way into your home, it’s more than just an annoyance. Rats and mice carry over 35 harmful diseases that are contagious to humans. Some of the most dangerous diseases that rodents spread are:

Rodent droppings, urine, and even their saliva will spread harmful bacteria to anyone in your home who might come into contact with the remains. These germs also become airborne and spread through ventilation ducts in your home.  In addition to these health hazards, rodents also chew on electrical wires causing fires.

How Can You Identify A Rodent Infestation?

Our specialized rodent inspection process is designed to track down infestations even in the hardest to reach areas of your property. Rodents Stop understands rodent behavior, what draws them to your home, and how they maneuver through homes to access the food and shelter they are seeking. Rodents Stop Rodent Control Services is here to help if you recognize any of the following:

  • Noticed rodent droppings in areas such as kitchen cabinets, pantry or closets.
  • Hear scratching noises coming from walls, attics, or even a fireplace.
  • Seen chew marks on packaged food, cardboard boxes, or stored possessions in the attic or basement.
  • Tiny paw prints on dusty surfaces.
  • Smell a strange musky odor in areas of your home.
  • Seen an actual rodent running through your home (If you’ve seen one, more rodents are hiding in unseen areas of your home).

If you recognize any of these signs, Rodents Stop customer service is ready to take your call to schedule a rodent inspection as soon as possible. Rodents Stop rodent inspections are always done by a licensed pest control technician, you can expect to receive a professional, accurate rodent inspection of your home. 

Even the tiniest rodent invading your property can cause costly damages for homeowners. Prevent potential damages, infectious diseases, and allergens by trusting Rodents Stop to help get rid of the rodent infestation once and for all. Preventative rodent control maintenance and services for your home can save you money in the long run by eliminating the recurrence of rodents in the future, and our aggressive and effective rodent elimination process provides your home with ongoing protection.

What Is The Process For Rodent Control?

Rodents Stop will begin the rodent control treatment by starting with an inspection of your home
Our trained rodent exterminators will perform a thorough inspection of your entire home to find all entry points such as:

  • Crawl space and Foundation
  • Kitchen
  • Pantry
  • Attic
  • Roof
  • Basement
  • And the remaining interior of your home

Exclusion Repairs or Proofing 

Photos might be taken of any rodent damage and to keep track of all entry points. A detailed report will be created by a technician, who will explain everything that was found followed by what solutions would best solve your rodent issue.

The next step is to ensure that rodents stay out of your home by a process called “proofing” or some might know this process as exclusion repairs. The rodent technician will close and seal all current and potential entry points. 

Sanitation and Clean Up

Once the rodents have completely removed from your home, we will remove all rodent contamination. We can also remove and replace contaminated insulation. All rodent feces, nests, and contaminated items will be removed. Our goal is to return your home to a healthy rodent-free environment. 

What Makes Rodents Stop The Best Rodent Control Company in Los Angeles?

Rodents Stop is a family-owned company that provides all rodent control services with great care and attention to detail. We have made it our mission to make homes an anti-rodent fortress, with the use of ABSOLUTELY NO POISONS, or TOXIC CHEMICALS. Our solution consists of a 1 TIME TREATMENT, backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!! This is something unheard of in this industry, but we stand by our guarantee 100%. We handle everything from A to Z, sealing entry points, as well as handling the leftover health hazard from those creepy critters!

Effective rodent control services for homes requires extensive knowledge and understanding of how rats and mice behave, and their motives for invading homes. Effective rodent control services also require a good understanding of construction practices to provide the best quality rodent proofing for your home. Rodents Stop offers the best rodent control services that are effective long term.

How Rodents Damage Your Home

A commonly seen rodent caused damage to your home is when rats dig underground to enter a house. Over time, this can cause the foundation and concrete on your property to sink and lead to other problems such as cracked tiles, uneven floors, and doors that don’t fit its frame like it used to. This type of rodent damage has caused most crawl spaces under new homes to require a layer of concrete to be poured into the bottom of crawl spaces to stops rats and other rodents from getting in from underground.

Rodent damage can impact a variety of areas in your home that you might not suspect such as electrical problems from wires that rodents chew on, structural damage to the foundation of your home and even rodent contaminated food and damaged furniture. Some major rodent damages to look out for include:

  • Rodent nests in the insulation of your home, that become heavily contaminated by rodent droppings, urine, and debris.
  • Contamination of food and other stored goods when rodents get into a pantry or food storage area.
  • Holes gnawed through drywall and sometimes plumbing pipes, which causes water contamination and damage to the plumbing system. 
  • Higher risk of fire and power outages after rodents chew on wiring. 

Where insulation is damaged and contaminated by rodents, we understand that it can be very expensive to replace. Rodents Stop now accepts the LADWP insulation rebate program for qualifying residents that need assistance paying for attic insulation replacement, ask us for more details about this program.

Rodents Stop Services Are Included With a Lifetime Rodent Free Guarantee

Rodents Stop offers a guarantee on qualifying rodent control services. Any problems that persist during the rodent control service will be serviced again until the rodent problem is resolved. Rodents Stop as a company takes great pride in being committed to providing the best services with customer satisfaction as a priority.