The new way to manage rodent problems – Fast, efficient, and cost-effective

If there’s one thing people don’t want to think about, it’s “rodent issues”. If you know the kind of absolute total destruction a serious rodent infestation can cause, you can only sympathize with that perspective.

The fact is that rodent infestations are very common. It’s critically important for homeowners and building managers to have an effective rodent control plan in place to deal with risks. Even a relatively low level rodent infestation can cause serious hygiene and actual structural problems.

In some cases, rodent infestations can actually cause fires. It’s estimated that a significant percentage of unexplained house and commercial building fires are caused by rodents simply gnawing at electrical wiring.

The solution is simple and certainly far less expensive than the problem – Engage rodent control specialists to manage rodent proofing your premises.

This is how a good rodent proofing plan works:

  1. A full inspection of your premises is conducted to assess risks and find points of access to your building.
  2. A systematically planned deployment of baits is made.
  3. This program is repeated on a regular basis, delivering long-term protection with minimal fuss.

As you can see, the modern way of managing rodents is pretty quick and efficient. It’s also very cost-effective. For the price of a single prevention service every year or so, you can avoid the costs of potentially catastrophic damage to your home or commercial building.

We’ve found a good example of a rodent control specialist company to illustrate the services you need. There’s a company called Rodents Stop which delivers a full range of services in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a rat exterminator in Simi Valley, need rodent control in Sherman Oaks or are trying to find a rodent control company in Glendale, they’re your one stop service.

They’re also a good example of the absolute latest in rodent control methods. They use a “strictly best practice” modern approach to managing rodent problems onsite. They combine a lot of experience and expertise with their quick, safe, non-toxic rodent control solutions. For more information, please see their website here at If you’re in the LA area, you can contact them online or by phone.

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