The bottom line about rodent control in Los Angeles

In a mega city like Los Angeles, rodent infestations are a cumulative problem. Rat infestation can be extremely dangerous for kids, people with mobility impairments and the elderly. Rats are aggressive and highly destructive. They can even cause fires, by gnawing on electrical wiring. Many unexplained fires, in fact, are believed to be caused by rats and mice attacking wiring.

The hygiene problems are less obvious but arguably more dangerous. Rodents can carry a very large number of nasty diseases. These diseases may persist even when the rodents have been exterminated. Best practice is to conduct a thorough decontamination of affected areas.

The bottom line cuts in terms of costs as well as dangers. In commercial premises, a rodent infestation can be a multimillion-dollar problem. Premises which stock food can be unlicensed and the risk of disease is quite unacceptable.

For homeowners, a rodent infestation can be described as “depreciation”. Rodents can actually do structural damage to buildings, damaging plumbing, letting in water, and destroying installation. In dollar terms, this damage adds up to big money.

Environmentally, rodents are also a real issue. Rodents are prey animals and provide lots of “fast food” for coyotes, attracting them to areas of infestation. As you can see, in a big city like Los Angeles rodent infestations can be a sort of ongoing disaster.

The simple solution is systematic extermination and prevention. Thanks to modern technology, Rodent extermination is a lot safer than it used to be. Safe, non-toxic chemicals and much better systemic controls are making a big difference. All you need to do to contribute to help make Los Angeles cleaners safer city is to have a rodent control program in place on your premises.

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