Rodent Prevention And House Proofing

It’s unanimous that most of us want to prevent rodents, including Roof Rates, Norway Rats, and mice; and other creatures like spiders, snakes and insects out of our homes. Of all these unwanted creatures, rodents are the most destructive and carry the most health risks. Typically, you will find rodents hiding in attics, garages, or basements but they have other hiding places as well. Cramped attics or basements full of storage, and tight, narrow crawl spaces are favorite locations. They may hide in backs of closets, cabinets, inside walls, and even inside empty drawers can be inviting.

Rodents also seek out hiding spaces outside and have a wide variety of habitats in which they can nest. Untended shrubs and overgrown grass provide shelter, as do heaps of firewood, piles of large stones, compost heaps, and simple burrows next to gates, patios, or garbage cans. Rodents are very hardy creatures, and will adapt themselves to survive alongside people when they find nesting materials and food sources available. They don’t mind having us around, but we greatly mind having them around.

Rodent House Proofing – Better Safe Than Sorry

By understanding where rodents like to hide and what their behavior is, you can take the first step to rodent proofing your dwelling. Check all around your property and make sure you rid yourself of anything that might attract or sustain them.

  • Tightly seal entry routes: ducts, pipes, channels, or other openings
  • Eliminate or protect fruit or vegetable growth
  • Stop all leaks as water is an attractor
  • Remove all sources of standing water like birdbaths and fountains
  • Do not leave any human food or pet food unsealed, and or outside the house.
  • Caulk all exterior cracks, and seal rain gutters and cable line holes
  • Never accumulate piles of debris or piles of garden refuse

Rodent Control Specialists

Have a rodent control specialist evaluate your residence for potential rodent infestation. Consult with Rodents Stop rodent control specialists and they can rodent proof your home, or eliminate a rodent infestation problem if you happen to have one. Using their excellent seven-point-inspection, they will thoroughly inspect your residence and customize a solution for your home to keep it rodent proof. Rodents Stop is a premier rodent control company serving the greater Los Angeles area and adjacent communities, with a staff that is friendly, punctual, and professional in their expertise in the field of rodent prevention and extermination. Contact Rodents Stop today, and put a stop to infestation before it begins.

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