Rat Identification And Infestation

Many residents in cities, suburbs, or countryside homes have had some experience with rodent infestation, and it’s good to know a bit about their history. Rats come in various sizes, and they are the long-tailed rodents of the Muroidea family, and of the genus Rattus. Rats are typically distinguished from mice by their size and although they are found all over the world, both types of rodents originated in Asia in the 14th century.

Rats can be some of the most troublesome and damage-doing creating in the United States. They are known to eat and contaminate food, damage buildings and property, and worst of all transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. Rats are extremely hardy little creatures and can survive in a variety of climates and conditions, typically found in and around homes or other buildings, on farms, in gardens, in open fields, and even in dry desert areas. They can live under homes with raised foundations, in basements, or make themselves equally at home in attics and crawl spaces.

Spotting Rat Infestation

In the greater Los Angeles and surrounding adjacent areas, Norway Rats and Roof Rats are the most common culprits in the rodent world. Rats are active throughout all the seasons of the year, and you should periodically check for signs of their presence. Keep your eye out for certain suspicious signs of rat infestation. Better to check then be sorry you didn’t.

  • Rat dropping around pet food dishes and containers
  • Noises at night in the attic
  • Remnants of rat nests in your firewood
  • Eaten fruits falling from your trees
  • Burrows among compost, plants or damaged garden vegetables
  • Drowned rodents in the swimming pool
  • Nests or droppings in the garage
Take Action Against Rat Infestation

Act quickly against rat infestation as soon as you’ve spotted a problem, or even just suspect there is a problem. Infestation requires a professional to stop the progress of these hardy and determined invaders. If you are a resident living in Southern California, around the greater Los Angeles, then turn to the professional team of rodent control experts at Rodents Stop. The team at Rodents Stop is dedicate to providing fast, friendly, and effective solutions to your rat infestation problems. All of their technicians are on time and work carefully and thoroughly on your behalf, never overlooking any hiding or nesting places. Contact Rodents Stop and count on them to put a halt to your rat infestation troubles from their very first visit.

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