What to Do When Your Neighbor Has a Rat Problem

Do rats in your attic pose any threats?

Well, the short answer is ‘yes.’

Rats in your attic are indeed dangerous to both your home and your family.

Though most people like to believe rodents inhibit low-lying areas of a building, they can actually jump and climb.

If you hear the sound of a rat in your attic, it’s most likely a roof rat. Also referred to as ship rats or black rats, roof rats have a tendency to find shelter in the upper parts of residential buildings such as attics and rafters.

Although roof rats are believed to be of Southeast origin, they are found all over the world. In the United States, roof rats are common in coastal states and the southern third of the country.

Measuring about 16” in length including 6-8” long tail, roof rats can easily climb trees, cables, vines, stucco, wooden beams, etc.

If you have reasons to believe that rats have found a way in, be sure to call in the pros immediately.

Experienced rat control technicians can safely and effectively contain a potentially dangerous rat infestation.

Are Rats In Your Attic A Threat To Your Family?

Yes, of course!

In the animal kingdom, rats are among the most notorious disease carriers.

During the bubonic plague, rats were responsible for the death of millions of people worldwide.

The plague died out but rats can still make people and pets very sick. Rats and mice are known to spread a number of diseases in many ways.

They contaminate food, drinks, drinking water, etc. in your attic and elsewhere in your home (as soon as they find a passage) by their droppings, urine, or saliva.

Your family members can contract potentially life-threatening diseases (in absence of prompt medical treatment).

Rats also carry fleas and mites into areas they invade. New entryways also allow other rodents to access the attic and other parts of your home. All such nasty, unwelcome guests can also transmit diseases to your family members and pets.

What if a roof rat bites you? Are roof rats in your attic violent?

Under normal circumstances, no, they are not violent. But if cornered, rats can bite or scratch children and adults in your home. You can contract tetanus or rat-bite fever if you don’t immediately see a doctor.

Can Rats Damage Your Attic?


Rats can damage anything from electric cables and HVAC insulation to plumbing and attic furniture.

Rats can chew away expensive belongings stored in the attic, or cause a fire hazard or a plumbing leak.

If a rat infestation grows severe, they may also dig deeper into the walls or create burrows along the foundation of your home.

Long-term structural damage caused by rats is likely to be more severe and costly to repair if you don’t rodent-proof your home and avoid calling in professional rodent control specialists early on.

Why Do You Have Rats in Your Attic?

People have this belief that rats are attracted to garbage and poor sanitation.

But, having rats in your attic does not mean it is dirty. Rats will move in anywhere they can find food, water, and warm shelter.

This means food items in storage, human food spills, bird feeder spills, pet food, and even pet waste can encourage rats in your yard to find a way to get inside.  

Not just overgrown vegetation or heavy foliage but well-managed, attractive landscaping and any kind of clutter can also provide cover and shelter to rats. So, it pays to know which things attract rats.

Even though rats weigh up to one pound, they can squeeze in through a hole the size of 0.5”.

Put simply, your house may not have been dirty before rats invade your attic. But they will certainly make it dirty once they invade your attic and create new passages into living areas.

For taking necessary preventive measures, read our post on how to keep rats out of your attic.

Final Words

The longer you wait, the more time the rats will have to breed in your attic and other areas of your home. Consequently, rats in your attic will pose more serious threats. Rodent removal will also cost more at a later stage.  

So, don’t ignore early warning signs of attics in your attic such as brown & oval-shaped rat droppings, scratching sounds at night, footprints in the dusty areas, or gnaw marks on attic furniture, plumbing, wood, and storage containers.

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