7 Things You Might Not Know Attract Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are more than just a nuisance. They can chew away irreplaceable heirlooms, nibble on food packets, contaminate food/water sources, cause costly damages, and spread diseases.

But, rats and mice do not raid just any building.

Here are the top seven things you didn’t know attracts rats and mice:

1. Vegetation

Tall weeds, bushes, piles of windblown leaves, and other debris around the foundation of your home can attract rats and mice or mask their activities.

Before you know, mice may succeed at digging burrows near or under the foundation of your home.

Remember that plants, grass, weeds, etc. do not feature in rodents’ list of favorite foods but they do provide a good place to hide.

If you are yet to rodent-proof your house, chances of a rat infestation may increase manifold once rodents start roaming around in your garden.

So, it is a good idea to clear your yard, flower beds, etc. as soon as you notice some debris piling up. Trim down overgrown bushes, plants, etc.

2. Garbage

In many neighborhoods, poorly managed garbage cans serve as magnets for rats and mice looking for food.

Leaving food scraps, fruits, seeds, etc. in unsecured trash bags or bins is much like setting the table for rats and mice.

Be sure to always keep garbage in containers with tight lids, both inside and outside your home.

3. Clutter

Mice love to nest and burrow in hidden places around your home. Roof rats can easily hide in and make nests out of clutter in attics.

Both rats and mice actively seek out cluttered spaces. Any space that offers warmth and is hidden from the plain sight fits the bill.

Be sure to keep your attic, garage, basement, and small storage spaces clutter-free. Cardboard boxes, file folders, spare pipes, etc. can provide abundant nesting opportunities to rats and mice, looking to make your home their own.

4. Previous Odors

Did you know that odors from a previous rodent infestation can prove appealing to rats and mice searching for food, water, and shelter?

The best way to get rid of odors from a previous rat or mice infestation is to engage rodent control teams with hands-on experience in such cleanups.

Certified rodent control specialists also make sure that any hazardous waste associated with rats or mice is handled and eliminated safely.

Remember that rodent droppings and urine can have harmful bacteria and viruses that are known to cause serious and even deadly illnesses.

Over the last few years, several cases of Hantavirus have been detected in California.

5. Food Debris

You might like to think your kitchen is quite clean.

But, if don’t clean up spilled sugar, oats, rice, grains, etc. properly and quickly, it can serve as a ‘welcome’ sign for hungry mice exploring your property.

When rats or mice first invade a house, they often nibble on wet food in the kitchen sink, pet food, anything edible they can find in your trash cans.

Keep in mind that accessing different areas in most kitchens is quite easy for rats and mice.

Mice, for instance, can climb up smooth, vertical walls up to 13 inches in height. They can jump as high as one foot.

6. Stored Food Items

No, rats or mice can’t get into your fridge.

But, they sure can find other places where you store food.

So, be sure to store food in airtight containers.

Instead of using cardboard boxes for storage, invest in durable containers that rats or mice can’t chew on.

You can, for instance, consider buying airtight containers made of thick plastic, glass, or metal.

Keep in mind that consuming food items or water contaminated by rats or mice may have serious health implications, especially if rodents were carrying disease-causing bacteria or viruses.

7. An Idle Car that Sits Undisturbed For Months

Rats or mice like to explore areas that aren’t frequented by humans.

An old car that sits undisturbed inside or outside your garage is no exception.

When rats or mice start exploring an idle car, they are looking for food, water, and a safe place to nest in or hide.

They can chew away the upholstery, wiring, and insulation.

Getting the smell out can be difficult if one of them ends up dead in the car.

Final Words

As rats and mice come out of hiding due to the unavailability of urban trash, it is important that you take preventive measures to keep these nasty creatures out.

With professional rodent proofing solutions, we are here to help you preempt a rodent infestation.

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